Join Eric Henderson and guests for a show focused around hunting with airguns. From Texas to Africa and other hunting destinations, this show's focus is promoting the challenge and thrill of hunting with big bore and small bore air rifles. It's all about adventure!

African Big Bore Airgun Hunting for Kudu


Eric Henderson hunts for one of the the most desired African bih game species with the added challenge of using a big bore airgun.

Airgun Hunting for Whitetail in Texas with Keith Warren


Legendary TV show host Keith Warren invites Eric Henderson to an airgun hunt on his Texas ranch for Whitetail deer.

Lauren's Merino Ram Youth Hunt in the Texas Hill Country


Eric guides his daughter Lauren on a spot and stalk hunt with an airgun for a Merino ram..

Lauren's Whitetail Buck Youth Hunt


Eric guides his daughter Lauren on a whitetail buck hunt with an airgun.

Missouri Whitetail Buck Hunt with Airforce Airguns Texan


Eric Henderson hunts for a whitetail buck in Missouri using an Airgun Texan SS in .457 caliber

Range Testing the .257 Caliber Airforce Airguns Texan Air Rifle


Eric Henderson sits down at the bench with the .257 caliber Airforce Texan and tests different ammunition in this range testing trial.

Youth Airgun Hunt for a Whitetail Doe


Eric guides a youth hunter on his first airgun whitetail deer using an Airforce Texan air rifle.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Airgun Whitetail Deer Hunt


Eric Henderson travels to south Texas and connects with Alan Cain from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to hunt whitetail deer with the Airforce Airguns Texan in .308 caliber.

Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunt with Lauren and Eric


Eric and his daughter Lauren emark on a Missouri whitetail hunting excursion with a Quakenbush big bore air rifle

Big Bores for Big Boars! | .308 Airgun Wild Hog Hunt


Eric sets out for with his Airforce Airguns Texan big bore .308 caliber air rifle on a Texas hog hunting adventure!

Catalina Billy Goat Hunt | Exotic Hunting in Texas


Eric films guest Brian Shields on a hunting ranch in Texas as they hunt for Catalina billies with an Airforce Texas air rifle

Missouri Whitail Deer Hunt with .408 Quackenbush Air Rifle


Eric heads back to Missouri to hunt at the Quackenbush farm with a big bore air rifle

Airgunning the Chicken Killer! | Bobcat Hunting with Airguns


Eric hunts a Texas ranch and encounters a bobcat at his hunting area.

2019 Missouri airgun deer hunt


Eric takes his bigbore airgun and heads to Missouri to go after whitetail deer with his good friend Brian Cook.