Episode - 1 Jack Keister custom guns


Jack Keister is one of America's best Gun Builders located in Harrisonburg Va.

From producer, Mike Ryan

"My Show started from an Idea in 2016 because I was getting asked by my friends all the time ["where did you get your gun,optics, camping gear,fishing poles?"] ect... I didn't think much about it at the time. I was never much on Outdoor TV because with 100's of shows out there; how many times can you watch someone track down game before it becomes repetitive? One day I said to myself, ["I need to watch different outdoor shows!!!"] I noticed one major problem; sponsors would put out thousands of dollars to be featured and get less than 2 minutes of on air mentions.....not kidding!!! So I decided if I was going to do Outdoor TV I needed to change the presentation. I was sitting at home brain storming and it hit me! I need to do a show only about the products I use before I go hunting or fishing, a wow moment! Before the Hunt was born!


Episode - 2 Outlaw Custom Guns and Welding Unlimited


This episode features to amazing businesses best known for artistic design!!!