Bone Cold TV... owned and hosted by close friends Brandon Scott, Chad Faulkner, and Shaun Thomson. What started in our backyards chasing whitetail deer and turkeys has now become an adventure style outdoor show. Not only are we chasing adventure in our backyards, but we're chasing game and seeking adventure around the world!  Thank you for watching a being a huge part of what we do!

S3E1 - Caribou Hunt Season: Ungava Adventures


Episode 1, Season 3  includes the first half of an amazing adventure. Chad Faulkner and Brandon Scott travel North to Quebec, Canada to chase some velvet Caribou with Ungava Adventures

S3E2 - Caribou Hunt: Caribou Conclusion


Brandon Scott and Chad Faulkner finish their trip to Quebec by tagging out on velvet Bull Caribou and some bonus ptarmigan and fishing action!

S3E3 - Velvet Whitetail Episode: Down South


Chad Faulkner, Steve Cassidy and friend Mo head to South Carolina for some early season velvet whitetails.  Brandon Scott then takes Nate Sears to North Carolina to hunt some long beards with good friend Dwayne Bryant.