Flatlanders is a high-energy group of hunters who strive to bring you the best hunting adventures from throughout the Midwest! Captured in a documentary style, the team brings viewers along for the ride as they face the ups and downs of unforgettable hunts for whitetail deer, elk, pronghorn, and many more.

Flatlander’s head to WWE Superstars Shawn Michaels Ranch


Shawn Michaels and friend, Prince Albert, invite the Flatlander’s down for pig hunting and gun shooting!

Shawn Michaels hunts pigs with Prince Albert PT 1


Shawn Michaels invites form WWE wrestler to his ranch in West Texas to help with the over population of pigs!

Shawn Michaels hunts pigs with Prince Albert PT 2


Shawn Michaels invites form WWE wrestler to his ranch in West Texas to help with the over population of pigs!

Shawn Michael’s vs. Flatlander’s Pistol Challenge


Shawn Michael’s takes on all challengers in the ring or with a pistol in his hand!

WWE Shawn Michaels Sporting Clays Challenge


Flatlander’s takes on Shawn Michaels and Prince Albert in a sporting clay challenge at Shawn’s Ranch in West Texas!

Archery Whitetail Double 300 Inches of whitetails!


With the Kansas rut in full swing Josh and Klay sit in right place at the right time!

Farming for Wildlife


Not all of us are farmers. Farming for wildlife is something that speaks to your soul! The end goal is obvious but the reward is so much more!

Jessica’s Biggest Buck!


Jessica hunts the Kansas hardwoods and scores on her biggest buck to date!

Predator Hunting!


Predator hunting is deeper than just killing coyotes. Every fawn, poult or puppy thanks you for controlling all predators!

Droptine Buck Alert!


Josh hunts early season whitetails in Kansas! With a target buck in mind and the first cold front coming in it is time to be in the woods!

Yukon Grayling Fishing PT 1


The grayling fishing is absolutely unreal and so is the scenery! We head to Yukon, Canada to do a little grayling fishing on the MacMillan River! This is part one make sure to come back to check out the rest of the adventure!

Buck decoys to 10 Yards!


An old Kansas Bruiser decoys to 10 yards! Can Klay make the shot?

Jessica Long 2018 Season


Jessica gets in the stand through rain, snow and warm temperatures of the 2018 season! With the end of season looming she hoops to get her Kansas buck!

2 Turkeys from opposite sides of Kansas


With turkey season winding down Thomas and Nolan head out on opposite sides of the state to try and get on turkeys! One going after an Eastern one goes after a Rio!

Turkey Attacks decoy in bitter cold temps!


Turkey hunting means warm April temps right? Not this time! Cold temps in Kansas don’t bother the turkeys as they are on fire!

Introducing Knox to Hunting


Introducing all youth to hunting is one of our main goals! Kory Selman’s son, Knox, tags a long on our Oklahoma Rio Turkey hunt!

Western Kansas Pays Off


With toms being henned up and not gobbling Nolan uses his knowledge of his Western Kansas property to get a nice Rio!

Our Family Recovers from the Linwood Tornado


Adapting and adjusting in uncertain times is something our family has gotten pretty good at over the last year. If you’ve been following us for a while then you might remember last May when we were hit with a tornado. My parents house, where we choose to take cover, was destroyed in this storm. During this time we, like always, documented what we were doing and going through so that down the road we could share our story and show how we’ve adapted and rebuilt our lives during uncertain times. Again we face uncertain times, at least you can use this as entertainment to get you through this unstable time.

Opening Day Kansas Archery Turkey Season 2020


Opening day of the Kansas archery turkey season was EPIC! 3 toms didn't approve of a Jake tending 2 hens in their territory!

5 people, 4 turkeys, 3 kids, 2 ground blinds, 1 well placed arrow


With covid - 19 locking down the world we attempt the impossible! Take three kids, ages 7, 7 and 5, and see if we can kill, or see, a turkey! With two GSM ground blinds set up Jessica is up to bat with her crossbow!

Cole’s Epic Shotgun Turkey Hunt


Cole practiced with his shotgun for many many "gun darts" to be confident before his turkey hunt! On his first trip out we were lucky enough to have turkeys come in! And out.. And in... and back out... And in one last time! It was in his words, " EPIC!"