Hosted by Jim Crowley. Not another catch a fish, shoot a duck show. Informative and entertaining episodes that show you HOW To!

Z-man Bang StickZ


Jim shows you two different ways to fish the Z-man Bang Stick very effective technique for tough fishing

White Bass Bonanza


Jim schools the white bass on successful jerkbait tactics!

Horizontal Presentations for Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass


Big bass in this episode as we break down different lure choices for Big smallmouth bass. Chatterbaits, squarebills and more.  Lots of detail in this episode.

Workin' Hard Wacky Wormin'


Join Jim on this adventure as he shows you how to put the Wacky Worm to Work!

Soft Plastic jerkbaits


A cold front has shut the bass down.  What do you do?  Depending on water clarity, soft plastic jerkbaits can be the answer.  Learn how to rig, what to look for and why bass respond to this often over looked technique.

Neko Rig


The neko rig is HOT and Jim shows you exactly how to rig it and how to be extremely successful with.  Underwater footage will show you exactly what goes on!

Tokyo Rig


The hottest technique in bass fishing is the Tokyo Rig. Learn to rig it, fish it and see how effective it is. A lot of action and detail explanation in this episode.

Walleye's Lake trout and shore lunch!


Jim visits Century Lodge on Eagle lake Ontario Canada! This is your Next Canadian adventure!

Monster Pike of Manitoba


Jim loves to fish for Monster Pike. His destination Dunlop's Lodge & Outpost in Northern Manitoba, Canada

Explosive action, Big fish and how YOU can do it as well!

Rigging plastics for BIG smallmouth bass


Jim shows you a highly effective rig for smallmouth bass. Lots of detail in this episode!

Swimbait Walleye


Jim travels to Manitoba and shows you a simple option for catching deep summer walleye.Free shore lunch in this episode

Sporting Clay at Prairie Grove


Jim visits prairie Grove shotgun Sports in Columbia Missouri.

Impressive clay braking video as well as "How to" tips!

The Making of a Duck Call


Jim visits DJ Calls in Pekin, IL to show you how you a duck call is made!

Layout Hunting: Sea Ducks of the Chesapeake Bay


Jim and crew hunt the Chesapeake Bay for Sea ducks as well as check out the Easton Waterfowl festival. Intense and close up, in your face, duck hunting action.

Windy Day Divers


Jim & his team show how they set up a layout hunt for diver ducks as well as how to safely get in and out of a layout boat. Great  action, information and tips in this episode.