Rick Rehm and family bring you airgun hunting from their home state of Pennsylvania to help bring awareness to the airgun hunting community. They will be hunting and pesting in local areas as well as across the United States and working with local Game and Wildlife Commissions to expand the airgun hunting laws.  Join us in our journey to grow the sport of airgun hunting.

Season 1

S1E1 -  Pigeon Hunting


The team heads out to a local  Pennsylvania farm to do some pesting. Watch as they take care of some pesky pigeons, starlings and house sparrows. In this video they showcase the FX dreamline and new JSB Hades pellets. They also take a look at the Side Shot camera system.

S1E2 - First Time with an Airgun


Join us as we share the world of airguns with Scott Sterner, the owner of Sterner Firearms. Watch as he gets to shoot an airgun for the first time and see his reaction to the different airguns that he gets to try out. In this video, we are showcasing some of the best airguns of 2019.

S1E3 - Pennsylvania Small Game Airgun Hunting


Join us as we hunt in PA with airguns for the first time. We also have a special guest, Outdoor Merican, joining us for his first time ever shooting airguns, let alone hunting with them.

S1E4 - What is the Airgun Sporting Association?


We travelled to the NASC Annual Meeting in Georgia and had the chance to interview Mitch King, President and CEO of the AIrgun Sporting Association. Join us on our epic journey to The Sporting Grounds at Sandy Creek.