"Randy "Mac" McMillian and "Prowler" Bill Henson along with pro-staff Dustin Vaughn Warncke bring "real life" hunting action as well as teach how and why they hunt the way they do to help viewers become better hunters in the process. From various hunting adventures, tech tips and tricks, gear reviews, or other educational content, the Mac & Prowler team bring it to you as it happens. The show features many hunts for predators, whitetail deer, wild hogs, and exotic big game as well as other outdoor adventures deep in the heart of Texas and beyond.

Crossbow Fundamentals, Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas and Gun Cleaning Tips


On this episode, Dustin Vaughn Warncke hunts deer with a Mosin Nagant WWII battle rifle, teaches best shooting practices for crossbows, urban bowhunts with a friend, and teaches some tricks to help you keep your guns clean and it good working order.

Rifle Hunting Deer in Texas, Bowfishing Records and Tech Tips with Dustin Warncke


On this episode, Dustin Vaughn Warncke talks crossbow tech tips, hunts deer with a rifle on a private ranch in West Central Texas, interviews bowfishing guide Marty McIntyre from GARQUEST Bowfishing on his trophy recordbook buffalo fish, and talks about some essential hunting gear to have in the dark.

"Mr. Big" Urban Whitetail Hunt, Compound Bow Tips and Wild Hog Hunting with a WWII Era Rifle


On this episode, Dustin Vaughn Warncke slays two wild hogs on a Central Texas hunting ranch with a WWII rifle, drills a big urban whitetail buck with a crossbow, talks about do's and don’ts around compound archery and bowhunting, and leaves some points to consider about staying positive in approaching our attitude in the great outdoors.

Hunting Predators on Small Properites, Recommended Gear and Tips from Mac & Prowler


On this episode, Mac and Prowler Bill tackle the challenge of hunting small parcels of land for predators and how to do it safely and with care to everything around you. The duo also covers some recommended gear and tips to make you a better hunter.

Hunting Coyotes in Texas with Mac & Prowler and Friends


On this episode, Mac and Prowler Bill go after some elusive predators on the journey to hunt the hunters. The goal? Outsmart coyotes despite their superior sense of smell and excellent eyesight and other awareness factors as a predator.

Texas Crossbow Whitetail Deer Bowhunting and Archery Targets with Dustin Warncke 3


This episode is all about archery and urban bowhunting with Dustin Vaughn Warncke. From hunting just outside of the city life to explaining the different options in archery targets, there is something for everyone to learn in this episode.

Hunting Coyotes Around Cattle, Recommended Gear and Tips with Mac & Prowler


On this episode, Mac and Prowler Bill show best practices for hunting around cattle and other obstacle abundant areas that are sensitive to the use of firearms. The duo also talks about some of the gear they use in the field and share some tips for hunting success.

Mac & Prowler and Friends Hunting Hogs in North East Texas


Prowler Bill and Dr. Stolba each win hog hunting trips and take their choice of guests to a hog hunting paradise. This is a fun episode full of adventure and we even see some of our next generation/youth hunters in action!

Mac & Prowler Texas Coyote Hunting Compilation


On this episode, Mac & Prowler Bill set up on a number of different coyote huts and have some incredible experiences in the field. This is a compilation of numerous hunts, all in one episode!

Texas Deer and Hog Hunting and Airforce Airgun Review with Dustin Warncke


On this episode, Dustin Vaughn Warncke hits the woods on some outdoor adventures after Texas Deer and Wild Hogs. He aso reviews his experieince with the Airforce Airgun's "Texan" model air rifle in .45 caliber.

Urban and Rual Texas Whitetail Deer and Wild Hog Hunting Adventures with Dustin Warncke


On this episode, Dustin Vaughn Warncke hunts for urban whitetail, rural hogs and has some interesting outdoor adventures with rifle and crossbow.

Texas Trophy 6x6 Elk Archery Youth Hunt and Whitetail and Wild Hog Hunts


Dustin Warncke films youth hunter Corey bowhunt a beautiful 6x6 bull elk at DB Hunting Ranch in Texas and self-films his own deer and wild hog hunts.

Dustin & Jackson Trophy Ram Hunt at DB Hunting Ranch in Central Texas


Dustin Warncke and 10-year-old son Jackson hunt for hogs but when a nice full curl ram shows up and the hogs don't, the game quickly changes.

Jackson's First Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt


Jackson and Dustin travel back out to Mason, Texas as Jackson harvests his first whitetail deer ever!

Hardcore Daytime Bowfishing Action


Bowfishing adventures compilation of Gar, Carp, Bufflao, Tilapia and other fish in Texas and Louisiana!

Coyote, Rams and Thermal Wild Hog Hunting and Gear Reviews


Coyote Hunting Highlights, Two Youth Hunters Take Rams, Smackdown with Thermal Optics Hunting Hogs and Gear Reviews

Hog Dog Hunting, Turkey & Bowfishing Tips & Gear Reviews


Hunting Action in the Woods and Dustins Bowfishing and Urban Turkey Tips as well as Gear Reviews.

Coyote Hunts, Airforce Texan Youth Wild Hog Hunting and Backyard Airguns


Join Mac & Prowler and friends for predator and wild hog hunting and backyard shooting fun!

Youth Hog Hunting Action & Barnett Crossbow Review


Join Mac & Prowler and friends for wild hog hunting and Dustin for a review and test shots of the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR crossbow!