A genuine outdoor television production that highlights the enjoyment from being in the outdoors. We share the experiences of off the beaten path with you. Please follow us in our pursuits from sea to shinning sea as we dare to Venture.


Hosted by Ian Brucker and Frank Spartano

Season 4

Season 5

S4E1 - Alligator Hunting Florida with a Crossbow


Pro Staffers Frank Spartano and Shane Carrick head south to the Swamps of Florida. Chasing gators with swamp and sea outfitters the PSE Fang crossbow is sighted in and ready to go to work.

S4E2 - OTBP Pheasant Hunt


The OTBP team goes on its annual pheasant hunt with Upland and Antler kennels. Great dogs and an even greater with friends.

S4E3 - Walleye fishing Lake Ontario


Big walleyes are on the menu and Lake Ontario doesn’t disappoint!

S4E4 - Spring Bear with Eastern Canadian Outfitters


The spring bear woods of Quebec never disappoint, the crew has a great time pursuing bruins!

S4E5 - Spring Bear and Turkey with ECO


We finish up our spring bear hunt at Eastern Canadian Outfitters then Frank goes after Turkey in Ontario with Rob Argue guiding.

S4E6 - OTBP Mike King and friends turkey hunt


Mike King is a turkey slaying machine. Not only does he love to chase thunder chickens but he loves to take friends!

S5E1 - Newfoundland Moose Hunting


Episode 1 brings Frank Spartano to 2G outfitters in Newfoundland Canada for moose hunting.

S5E2 - Nebraska Turkey Hunting


The Off the Beaten Path crew heads west for spring turkeys this 2 part series starts in Nebraska chasing Rio’s and Merriams.

S5E3 - Nebraska/ Kansas Turkey part 2


The off the beaten path crew finish up turkey hunting in Nebraska and the head south into Kansas to chase thunder chickens

S5E4 - Ohio Deer 2018


Frank and Ian transition to a new lease in Ohio. They are challenged by learning the property and mother nature. See how things unfold.

S5E5 - Ohio Deer hunting 2019 Season


Ian Brucker and Frank Spartano head back to Ohio for the 2019 season. Follow along as they start out in October and hunt right into the Rut.

S5E6 - Upland Bird Hunting


Great dogs and flushing pheasants are on the agenda. We hunt with Ed and Scott of Upland and Antler Kennels hunting preserve. Pheasants, Chukar and Quail will be flying fast, see if our crew can get on them?

S4E7 - OTBP Pro Cindy Murphy hunting NY Longbeard


Cindy Murphy is one of the most dedicated staff members on OTBP. The time she put into this turkey hunt exemplifies her dedication!

S4E8 - Cindy Murphy deer hunt with NYS IBO coverage


Cindy Murphy bowhunts whitetails and we visit the NYS IBO Championship

S4E9 - Salmon fishing in New York


We go fishing on Lake Ontario with River Valley Charters then we hit the Salmon river for the fall run.

S4E10 - Spring Turkey hunting in New York State


OTBP Staffers, Jason Florenz, Shane Carrick and Steven Williams take us along on their spring turkey hunts.

S4E11 -Magical season


Every now and agin you have a magical season. OTBP pro Kris Yerman harvest's a bear and 2 bucks on his property in NY.

S4E12- Deer Hunting from Ohio and New York


Frank Spartano chases a big buck in Ohio then joins up with his longtime friend Chris Phinney for some doe managment in New York.

S4E13 - OTBP Youth Hunting


We pride ourselves on installing the passion of the hunt into the future. Join us a week tag along on some great youth hunting.

S5E7 - NY Turkey Hunting


We hit the spring turkey woods here in our home state of New York

S5E8 - NY Spring Turkey Hunting


We start of with a youth turkey hunt then the rest of the OTBP crew hit the spring turkey woods here in our home state of New York

S5E9 - The Florenz family New York Deer Hunts


Off the Beaten Path newcomers Jason and Tiffany Florenz share with us their whitetail hunting back 40. Sit back and enjoy this action packed episode.

S5E10 - Whitetail doe management


We head to the deer woods to do a little managing of the doe herd. Brenda, Frank and Ian all get in on the action.

S5E11 - Western Kentucky Muzzleloader Hunt


Its muzzeleloader season in Kentucky and the bucks are on their feet. See if the smoke poles go off?

S5E12 - Kentucky pt 2


We continue muzzeleloader season in Kentucky and the bucks are on their feet. Then we head to New York for Cindy Murphys fall hunt.

S5E13 - Adventures from the Dark Continent


Mike and Christina Deep take us on Africa Safari with Numzaan Safaris.