Outdoors in the the Bluegrass is an Outdoors TV Show of family sharing adventures to honor the last wishes of our loved Scott Feaster. Scott lost his battle to Esophageal Cancer on January 4th 2017. Enjoy more outdoors than you can imagine in Kentucky!

Season 3

Season 4

‚ÄčS3E1 - Fishing The 2019 White Bass Spawn - Part 1 Join us in the first installment of our two part series on fishing the White Bass Spawn at Salt River in Kentucky! We limit out more than once and there is more to come in Part 2!

S4E1 - Classic Times in Alabama


Tyler & the Family head down to Guntersville, AL for the 50th Bassmaster Classic and to enjoy some fun times with our new friends at #KudzuCove! All around good family fun! Welcometo Seaosn 4!

S3E2 - Walking with Wolves


Enjoy our adventure at Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookeville, IN! This is your opportunity to see what it would be like when you visit, and you need to visit! Getting a chance to interact with these amazing wolves should be a bucket list item for everyone!

S3E3 - White Bass - Part 2 - Cook'em, Clean'em and Eat'em


You've seen how we limit out... now enjoy our journey, from start to finish, of the 2019 White Bass Spawn Fishing Frenzy on Salt River in Kentucky!

S3E4 - Monkey's Tigers and Sharks Oh My!


Join our #CrossingBorders journey to Wildlife in Need, Inc. in Charlestown, IN.. a super fun time.. a must do for everyone!! Then we jump around borders and spend a day at the Newport Aquarium! Fun family adventures, of all types, are all around the Bluegrass!

S3E5 - CARPe Diem - Bowfishing in Kentucky


Tyler and Crissy head out to Green River with All Angles Outfitters for their first Bowfishin Experience, tons of excitement and fun! Crissy had an absolute blast! The Devildog, Tyler and Chad head out with the guys again on Beaver Lake where Mack lands a 46lb Carp, the biggest fish he has brought on the boat!

S4E2 - King of Stripers


We head out with Rich and Crystal of Striperking Guide service on Lake Cumberland, excellent time getting some fish in the freezer!

S4E3 - January Cumberland Smallies


Tyler & Crissy head down to Lake Cumberland, with local Shane True, to get on those cold weather golden smallies!

S4E4 - 2020 White Bass Spawning Frenzy Journey


Join us on our 2020 White Bass Spawn Journey from March to May!!

S4E5 - Summer Approaches


Summer is almost here! Join our adventures, on the water; of Bowfishing, Bass Fishing, Jug Fishing and Family Fun on Taylorsville Lake & Beaver Lake!

S3E6 - Fishing Ponds Creeks and Rivers


Join the team as they go trout fishing in the FINs Ponds, Smallmouth Fishing while wade fishing the river and Smallmouths on the creek out of the kayaks! Beautiful scenery and great times!

S3E7 - Whitewater Rafting Down South


We are #CrossingBorders this episode as we head down to Tennessee for Smoky Mountain River Rat Whitewater Rafting! This is an awesome journey that you need to watch and take for yourself!

S3E8 - A Leap of Faith of a Bridge


Bungee jumping with Vertigo Bungee off the Young's High Bridge in Lawrenceburg, KY forever changed our lives for the better! Absolutely awesome adventure that empowered us to think more positivtely about life!

S3E9 - Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour


It was launch day for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour! As you know, our show is in the game along with Tyler Feaster! Get a peak at what career mode is all about and see how Tyler does on his first tournament!

S3E10 - Country Farm Pond Fishin


Memories being made, catching hogs at the country farm ponds! Laughs and huge smiles, nothing quite like it!

S3E11 - Bass Fishing Failures


Fishing isn't all about success! Even we have our bad days and off days! Join The Devildog, Crissy and Tyler on a few fishing failure adventures!

S3E12 - BowFishing Taylorsville Lake


Join Crissy and Tyler as they take on the carp and drum at Taylorsville Lake Kentucky! Both land their first fish using a bow, funny and exciting!

S3E13 - Devildog & Brenda's Amish & Bridge RoadTrip


Join The Devildog & Brenda on a trip through the 127 Yard Sale and Amish communities. Then they take you on a tour of the last 2 covered bridges in Kentucky from Season 1.

S3E14 - 2019 Deer Season Opening Weekend Kentucky


Velvet Eve Kick Off Party with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, Crissy gets to sit in on her first hunts and it's all wrapped up with a hunt at the WHO Ranch! Great time in the woods!

S3E15 - First Kentucky Whitetail Buck


Crissy and the Family head out hunting in Kentucky. Crissy has a great weekend hunt that ended with the harvest of her first deer, a 9pt buck!

S3E16 - What a Real Trophy Buck Means


Tyler harvests an 8pt Buck on his Birthday, his first deer with an arrow. He explains what defines a trophy buck to him and enjoys some family time!

S3E17 - Youth Only Gun Weekend - Kentucky 2019


Logan and the family head out on the first good cold weekend of the year! Logan grabs his first deer and his first buck ever! Congrats Logan!

S3E18 - Opening Weekend of Rifle Season - Kentucky 2019


It was an amazing opening weekend of gun season for the family! Devildog lands a nice 10pt buck and Tyler was able to get some meat to donate to the hungry!

S3E19 - Last Days of Gun Season in KY 2019


Gun season was amazing for us this year! After the lead started flying and rut set in, it got a little more difficult but more meat was harvested and memories were made!

S3E20 - Train Rides & Road Trips


Join Chuck "The Devildog" and Brenda on their trip to the Big South Fork Scenic Railway, in Stearns, KY where they get to ride the scenic train! Then they are #CrossingBorders for their 58th Wedding Anniversary in Little Nashville, IN.

S3E21 - Summer Flashback


Tyler, Logan and Connor take a Father & Son Kayaking Trip down Elkhorn Creek, then the family heads off to the amusement park! You HAVE to watch the Rollercoaster rides, hilarious!!

S3E22 - December Muzzleloader Hunt


Tyler heads out for the last month of the year trying to fill his last tag of the season. Tyler has never hunted with a muzzleloader before, so it would be a double wammy for him to tag out!

S3E23 - Christmas at the Hog Ponds


Crissy, Tyler and Ronnie head out to the Hog Ponds for a little Christmas cheer! Hoping to catch some festive December bass!!

S3E23 - Season Finale'


It has been a GREAT year! Thank you to all our family, fans, sponsors, partners & friends! We cannot wait until Season 4! Enjoy a look into the past and future with this episode!