RED THORN Outdoors TV is a family-oriented group of friends from Wisconsin to Alabama, who started filming because our extended families couldn’t believe the stories we’d come home with. Our loyal viewers get a mix of product reviews, first-time hunting adventures, land management tips and tricks, as well as exposure to a variety of field tactics from tree stand set-up to reaping do’s and don’ts.

S1E1 - Run and Gun Tank part 1


Arthur and Kelly go after a duo of gobblers, one of which is named Tank.

S1E2 - Run and Gun Tank part 2


With Tank finally on the ground, Kelly starts chasing hard headed gobblers.

S1E3 - Three Little Pigs


Byron and Tony go on a unique hog hunt down in Texas. AR's and dead hogs!

S1E4 - Broken Limb


Early archery season at its finest, Velvet bucks and does being taken.

S1E5 - The Doe Show


Jr sets out to score his first firearm buck during the Wisconsin state youth hunt.

S1E6 - What the Hail


2018 Wisconsin Waterfowl opener. Chuck comes along on his first duck and goose hunts.

S1E7 - 2018 Rut Recap


2018 rut recap is full of action! 2018 was a challenging year for bow hunting, but tags being filled is right around the corner.

S2E1 - 2019 NWTF North Shore Chapter, Learn to Hunt program


34 new turkey hunters hit the Wisconsin landscape trying to harvest their first turkey, 25 were successful.

S2E2 -  2019 Wisconsin Youth Hunt


 Two 12 year old boys double down during the Wisconsin youth hunt.

S2E3 - A day with Chuck


A fast one-day Wisconsin turkey hunt with our buddy, Chuck.

S2E4 - Like father, like son


Nick and Nate enjoy some father/son time together as they look to fill their 2019 Wisconsin spring turkey tags.



 Byron and Sarah head to western Wisconsin in pursuit of the Eastern turkey and harvest two gobblers, one with FIVE beards! You don't want to miss this action!

S2E6 - Two for Three


Kelly and Arthur go two for three gobblers during the 2019 Wisconsin spring turkey season

S2E7 - Techniques for putting in food plots the right way


We take you through collecting soil samples, reading and understanding soil results, plot prep, planting, and showing one month of growth with White Rack Herd Health & Nutrition.

S2E8 - Sweaty hands & food plots


 It's a family affair. Byron and the family work together to get their food plots planted and things start ramping up for the fall whitetail season.

S2E9 - Tips for broadhead tuning your bow


Ever stuggle to fine tune your bow before the season ? Join us as we walk you through step-by-step how to broadhead tune your bow while using a fixed blade broadhead. We are using a Magnus Broadhead 100gr Stinger in this video. Fast, easy and all done at home.

S2E10 -  Mr. 190 The 2019 Wisconsin Youth Hunt


 Jr and three other boys head out to the farm for the youth gun hunt. Some exciting action takes place and Jr drops a buck at 190 yards with his 6.5 creedmoor

S2E11 - The story of SMUSH


Arthur hunts for his target buck SMUSH during the fall archery season here in Wisconsin. SMUSH was a four year old deer that was heavily wounded as a three year old and grew odd antlers as a result.

S2E12 - Ground n' Pound


Sometimes you have to bring it down to eye level. Byron sets out to tag a western Wisconsin whitetail and ends up with huge success! His 2019 archery season ends on a high note with a dandy eleven pointer hitting the ground.

S2E13 - A Game of Cat & Mouse


Go bow hunting with Jr. as he plays cat and mouse with bucks while trying to fill his tag during the 2019 bow season.

S2E14 - The end of the Wide six


Follow some of the RED THORN team through the 2019 Wisconsin gun season. Family, friends and bucks hitting the ground!

S2E15 - Ducks, Geese and good friends


Go waterfowl hunting with some of the RED THORN crew and their friends. Early Teal, Goose, Youth Duck hunt and Duck seasons.

Lots of game and lots of fun.

S2E16 - Rutcation


Kelly goes after some great bucks during the heart of the November rut while AJ and Byron put two big bucks on the ground.