Come and join our Team members and friends on our hunting and outdoor adventures and being part of Backyard Bow Pro which is also a nonprofit organization. You get to tag along with us as we take our hunting adventures another step and that is to feed those less fortunate.

S1E1 - November Rut Hunt


This hunt happened on a cold November day during the rut and we were able to grunt this buck in from 250 yards to around 90 yards for the shot.

S1E2 - Grayson co. doe hunt bow pro style


This hunt spanded 4 days of the opening week of bow season with wind and rain but on the fourth day it all come together. With a doe harvested and almost getting a second for the day.

S1E3 - Rattle & Walk Demo Hunt


This hunt started out to be a team hunt but the other members were not able to show at the last minute and it became a solo hunt in the early stages of the rut. Where we tested a new rattling bag from Buck Nut Game scents  called the rattle & walk and had success.

S1E4 - Lucky Buck


This was an awesome hunt that ended up with team member Steve Newlin harvesting his first 8 point.

S1E5 - Muzzle Loading Double


This day was one of those days full of action that started off with a muzzle loader miss fire and ended up with 2 deer taken and non stop encounters.