The Direction is a fishing show hosted by Mark Stowe who travels to bucket list locations catching fish. There is always a good story on these trips. Every episode will be full of laughs, excitement, the how to's of fishing and of course great fish. Our show has a purpose, a unique purpose of Friends, Family and Faith. Aside from catching fish, we have special guests that join us on our show to tell a unique story on each episode. You will never know who's going to step in the boat each week. Our goal for every episode is to bring an impactful show to our viewers. You will have to watch and see what direction is next.

Episode 1 - A Rewarding Day


Mark Stowe and long time friend Wes Thomas fish with some Indiana National Guard servicemen. A big thank you for their service to our country.

Episode 2 - The Cold Chill


The cold tries to stop Mark Stowe, Mike Helton,, and Jimmy Jennings from catching fish. Will it freeze them out or will they catch them?

Episode 1 - Indiana River Smallies


The White River flows through the heart of Indianapolis IN and is home to big smallmouth. Join us as Mark spends the day on the water with Indiana Bass fisherman Terry McWillams

Season 1

Season 2

Episode 2 - Military Appreciation


Our second annual West Boggs Lake Military appreciation fishing event. Mark Stowe, Terry McWilliams, and Wes Thomas take some servicemen fishing with a little surprise.

Episode 3 - Fall Topwater


Mark Stowe heads to Stonewall Jackson Lake in search of some West Virginia fall bass fishing. He is joined by J,rod Harmon. Will the toothy critters Attack their fall bass fishing?

Episode 3 - Depths of Ky Lake


This week Mark Stowe heads to Kentucky Lake with his friends Chris Beaudrie and Jimmy Jennings to do some ledge fishing and hook in to some Largemouth.

Episode 4 - Olympic Fishing


This week Mark Stowe is joined by Olympic Kayaker Cliff Meidl - Cliff and Mark are fishing Lake Linear in Georgia where Cliff participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics as a member of the USA Olympic Kayaking Team. This is an

episode you donʼt want to miss.


Episode 5 - Giant Monsters


Mark Stowe, his son Nick, and a few friends travel to British Colombia, Canad, in search of a Giant Sturgeon. Watch this episode to witness a fishing trip of a lifetime.

Episode 6 - Florida Bassin'


Florida is always known for its bass fishing. Watch Mark Stowe and Jimmy Jennings as they catch some Florida bass.

Episode 7 - Spots turn Largemouth


When the rain rolls in and the lake turns to mud you never know how you will have to catch fish. Watch Mark Stowe and Michael Hatten try to figure out the fishing on Lake Mitchell, Alabama. Will they prevail at catching spotted bass or big largemouth.

Episode 4 - The First Pitch


Mark Stowe throws the first pitch at the Georgia Striper game and the Wade family shares some fish catching fun at their family place.

Episode 5 - The Wake


Carl Parks and Mark Stowe head to Cedar Creek Lake in Ky for a Tribute to Carl’s son CJ’s story continues to effect.

Episode 6 - Keep your eye on the bait


You always anticipate catching fish but guest Mark Garner gets a hook he wasn’t expecting leaving Mark Stowe and Mattie Garner just as surprised.

Episode 7 - Football Fishing


Mark Stowe and his son Nick Stowe gather up some local kids and the high school football

coach Mike Marksbury for some pond fishing fun.

Episode 8 - Gives Back


Mark Stowe heads to the Nipsco Gives Back Charity Fund raising fishing event in Indiana where

they are raising money for Autism Awareness.