When Nature Calls Outdoors is a family show about Micheal Rice, his daughter Taylor, and his father in law Pops Littleton and their family adventures Hunting and fishing.  This show is all about how any family come come together and create memories that last a lifetime.


S1E1 - An Executive, Hunter, and Father


Michael Rice and his daughter Taylor, take some time away from work and college, for the first weekend of white tail deer hunting season in Maryland. Together they both close in on two targeted bucks.

S1E2 - One Shot


Every year after white tail season, Michael Rice and his Father-in-law Pops Littleton divide the family into two teams and have a squirrel hunting competition. This year the family tradition took place at the Noble Kelly Ranch. Team Rice (Michael, Taylor, Holden, and John) and Team Littleton (Pops, Rodney, Rara, and Ethan) square off in an epic competition for the 3rd year in a row. During the competition, a red fox also popps into the hunting property, scaring off squirrels from some hunting areas, and also creating a debate about the rules and of the annual Squirrel Hunting contest